Morro CacheDrive enables users to share files within an office.

There are two steps to allow your users to access and share files within your office.

Step 1: Create A Share (Shares are like folders with permissions)

Step 2: Assign Groups/Users to a Share

Below are some ideas on how to best setup your office:

A typical business has different departments and each has their own security requirements for files.

Accounting (Private to only Accounting)

Finance (Private to Accounting and Finance)

HR (Private to only HR)

Engineering (All)

Design (All)

With CacheDrive you simply would set up a "Share" to symbolize each department then give that department access to the share.

The easiest way to do this is to first create Groups of users based on the departments of your business. 

Then simply attribute the Group to the share. You can also manually specify individual users to a share as well.

Step 1: Create a Share

For information on how to create a share, reference the article Manage File System.

Step 2: 

Once a share is created, user and group permissions can be set in the Share Manage Panel to allow access to shares.

To open the share manage panel, click on a share in the File System page.


In Share Manage Panel, click on "Edit User Permissions" to control User and Group based Share permissions.


In this example, the share has no Guest Access and default to "No Access". Only user "Mark" and "Stein" has Read-write access and User

"Tom" has Read-Only permission


After the settings for the share permissions, users can connect to the shares. For more information on how to connect to shares, reference the following articles: