To connect to your Morro CacheDrive (Gateway) as a Windows PC user, follow the steps below:

  1. Start Windows "File Explorer" from your Windows menu.

  2. Find the Morro Gateway in Windows File Explorer by entering the gateway name or IP address in the address field.

  3. Enter the username and password to access the CacheDrive or connect as guest (if the share allows guest access).

    In Morro Users Mode, use a username and password created in MCM.
    In Active Directory, Azure AD, or LDAP mode, user a username and password created in the authentication service.

    Optionally you can map a drive letter to a Share on Morro Gateway.

  4. Single Sign On   Windows allows SSO to network drive when credential matches for login to Windows and CacheDrive, if network type is Private. This works for Morro User Mode, Active Directory Mode, Azure AD Mode. If you use PIN to login to Windows, this mechanism may not work as CacheDrive allows only password authentication in Morro User Mode, Azuer AD Mode.