Morro CacheDrives may be added to different office locations to enable collaboration between remote workers. Morro’s global file system uses the cloud storage gateway to synchronize files across all CacheDrive devices within the same team based on gateway share permissions.

Before users in two or more offices can share files for collaboration, additional Morro CacheDrives need to be added in Devices in the Team Portal. For more information on how to add additional gateways, reference the article on Adding CacheDrives.

There are two ways to set permissions on the gateway to enable sharing between offices:

Setup Share Permissions By Share

  1. Select the share in the File System window

  2. Click Permissions, then Gateway.

  3. Access to the share can be set for each gateway.  The options are RW (read/write), RO (read-only), and NO (no access).  To allow full collaboration between offices, select RW for both gateways and click Apply.

Setup Share Permission by Device

  1. Select the gateway in the Devices page.

  2. Click “Permissions” in the Gateway dialog.

  3. Access permissions can be set to “RW” (read/write), “RO” (read-only), or NO (no access). To allow full collaboration between offices, select RW for both gateways.

Once the shares and gateways are properly configured, users can connect to the shares on their local gateways and treated them like shared drives.

For more information on how to access a share, see the following articles:

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