Morro protects the data in your file system utilizing user permissions to restrict access to files and folders based on your organization's file access policy. Your team may need to distribute files to users outside of your organization such as customers or vendors. There are several ways to accomplish this.

  1. By using a file sharing service such as OneDrive or Dropbox, your team can drag and drop files into a designated Morro share, and the files will be automatically synchronized into a folder on your file sharing service. You don't need to wait for the files to upload to move on to other work and you don't have to worry about uploads being interrupted and having to start the upload over.

    Morro Echo enables syncing files directly into the file hosting services Dropbox and OneDrive. If you do not already have an account with either Dropbox or OneDrive, head over to their site and register as a new user.

    Use Echo with Dropbox Account
    Use Echo with OneDrive Account

  2. Share a link to a set of files by navigating to the files in the Team Portal, selecting them, then clicking Share Link.  This will send an email to specified email addresses with a download link for the files.  The recipients do not need to login to download the files.

  3. If you frequently share files with a user that is outside of your organization, another option is to create a user account and give him access to a CacheDrive in Cloud.  This will allow the user to access the files based on standard share and filesystem permissions without giving him access to your internal network.