If you purchased the Morro Cloud Storage Gateway and signed up your Morro Account, then your become the "Business Administrator" of your Team for Morro Cloud Storage.

The system is made flexible for transferring/changing the Business Admin account ownership:

1. Login to Morro Cloud Manager as Business Admin

2. Go to team Profile page from the drop-down list on the upper-right corner


3. In the General Info panel of Profile page, enter Full name, Email, and Password of the new Business Admin that you want to transfer/change to, then click SAVE.

4. Now an email will be sent to "My new Business Admin (TheNewBA@newEmail.com)" automatically. You will also need to send the Password that you created from the step above to the new Business Admin.

5. As the NEW Business Admin, he or she needs to verify by clicking link from the email and enter the pre-created Password.

The Business Admin account transfer/change is completed once confirmed by clicking CONFIRM button.  The NEW Business Admin can change his or her Password later.